Money Transfer Exchange is a comprehensive toolkit for Money Transfer management.



As a consumer, there are more payment solutions available to you than ever before. From mobile wallets, to market places, to top-ups and cash backs. Your needs, while diverse, can be summarized to – ability to pay with cards, bank accounts, send money to friends and family, do mobile top-ups, shopping, and get credit when cash is tight. You can do all this with our payment solutions for consumers.

Mobile Payments

With a significant mobile wallet footprint in the market, our consumers prefer our One-Touch™ mobile payment solution to any other. PayZapp from HDFC Bank, PayApt from IDBI Bank, M-CLIP from Bank of Baroda, and Pach PaymentsPay can be downloaded on your Android or iOS phone today. As we add more banks to our portfolio, our network gets more comprehensive and feature rich. You can get all your payment and shopping done through just one app. No need to download multiple merchant apps when majority of it can be accomplished seamlessly through our mobile marketplace.

Pay anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Send money to friends and family
  • Shop at our mobile marketplace
  • Avail special discounts and offers
  • Securely pay with your bank issued credit or debit cards
  • Pay online merchants, mobile app merchants, in-store merchants
Seamless authentication
  • Combining device fingerprinting and 2FA, Pach Payments enables One-Touch™ payment at participating merchants
  • Authentication and payments made simple with One-Touch™ technology
  • No need to wait for OTP
  • Approve transaction from your registered device in just One-Touch™

For Acquiring Banks

As an acquirer, your merchants depend on you for increasing their sales. With so many options to consumers, merchants are always looking for an edge to capture the consumer’s wallet share. With our merchant solutions, you can offer your merchants both online and in-store payment options.

  • Payment Gateway – offer your merchants ability to complete the payment process seamlessly. Our payment gateway supports leading networks – Visa, MasterCard, Ru-pay, alternative payments such as QR code based payments, UPI payments. Merchants experience seamless on-boarding experience through our hosted solutions.
  • Payment Security – protect merchant-side transactions with industry standard 3-D Secure MPI (Merchant Plug-in) component. In addition, state-of-art One-Touch payments are protected using multi-factor authentication including device based authentication.
  • Pach Payments Marketplace – your merchants can get instant access to millions of consumers instantly. Our mobile payment solutions offer merchants to sell goods and services on the Pach Payments Marketplace.
  • Participate in the Pach Payments Payment Network – as an acquiring bank, you can participate in the Pach Payments Payment Network, thereby bringing all Pach Payments mobile solutions to your customers.

For Cooperative Banks

Cooperative Banks are known to attract fierce customer loyalty and trust. The smaller footprint enables you to provide unparalleled service to your customers. Your customers need services suitable to their lifestyle and your budget.

  • Urban customer base – if you are a cooperative bank with an urban footprint, likelihood is that you already offer debit and credit cards to your consumers. Help them come online with our authentication 2FA solutions customized to suit the profile of your consumer. Mobilize their spend with our mobile payment solutions. Offer Payment Gateway services and SME services to your merchants. All these are conveniently packaged in our Cooperative Bank solutions.
  • Semi-urban customer base – your semi-urban customer base may need basic digital services. Our debit and prepaid cards will get them started toward their digital journey. Offer them mobile payments for a wide variety of shopping options. Offer SME solutions and UPI payments to your merchants.

Enterprise digital payments for all

As a bank, you need complete payment suite ranging from payment instruments, to mobile solutions, to merchant solutions, to authentication, to fraud prevention, processing and more. You also need strong analytics to manage end-to-end payment portfolios.

  • For seamless customer experience across your payment offerings, our enterprise digital payments will allow your customers to eliminate the hops from one system to another and provide a consistent One-Touch experience.
  • For optimal business decisions having a unified payment suite becomes critical. Our business intelligence services provide a holistic view to your complete portfolio.

For your SME customers

SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) customers rely heavily on their banking partner. They need a diverse set of services which are simple and effective. Their solution needs to meet their needs and yet not carry a hefty price tag. As a financial institution catering to SMEs, you value their loyalty. By offering them solutions that meet their everyday payment management and cash flow needs, you will help them get organized and manage their money in a streamlined way. It gives your offering a unique leg up and ensures that your SMEs will continue to bank with you.