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Neo banking software, which gives you advanced banking functionality and automation solution. Advanced Neo Banking Solution


Neo banks are the digital extension of traditional financial institutions via web/mobile interfaces in the hands of the users. Neo Banks identify their customer very closely and solve their day-to-day transactions with integrated banking and payments.

Neo banks are 100% digital; that brings down the costs packed with great customer experience. At the same time given its all-digital, there are a lot better transactional data details with trails allowing the banks to think of more innovative products and services.

Neo banks are all about customer choices, accessibility, and any time services.

Unique Virtual account 
  • Comprehensive Transfer Options: Seamlessly process all bank and UPI transfers, ensuring flexibility and convenience for your transactions.
  • Acceptance of Various Payment Methods: Accept payments via IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT, providing your customers with multiple payment options for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Efficient Auto Bank Reconciliation: Experience freedom from manual reconciliation with our automated bank reconciliation feature, saving time and effort.
  • Scheduled & Queued Payments: Schedule payments to prevent missed transactions and initiate payouts automatically in case of low balances, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Tailored Virtual Account Solutions: Utilize our virtual account specifically designed for your business needs, providing a seamless, rapid, and hassle-free banking experience at the click of a button.
  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring: Monitor transactions in real-time, empowering you with up-to-date insights and control over your finances.
  • Customizable Reporting: Access customizable reports to analyze transaction data, track performance, and make informed decisions for your business.
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  • Rewarding Transactions: Join "SILU" Rewards and treat yourself to exclusive deals and additional benefits with every transaction you make.

  • Magic at Your Fingertips: Conceal your balance from prying eyes with a simple wave of your hand, adding a touch of magic to your banking experience.

  • Empowering Security Features: Take control of your account security with the ability to lock/unlock your card and set/reset your card PIN directly from the app, putting your account's safety in your hands.

  • Seamless Portfolio Management: Simplify your investment journey by importing and monitoring your entire Mutual Fund portfolio effortlessly from a single, intuitive portal.

  • Personalized Financial Insights: Receive personalized recommendations and insights tailored to your spending habits and financial goals, helping you make informed decisions about your money.

  • Convenient Bill Payment Solutions: Easily manage and pay your bills directly through the app, ensuring that your payments are always made on time without the hassle of manual processing.

  • Interactive Budgeting Tools: Stay on top of your finances with interactive budgeting tools that help you track expenses, set savings goals, and monitor your financial progress in real-time.

  • Innovative Banking Features: Explore innovative banking features such as peer-to-peer payments, instant fund transfers, and mobile check deposits, enhancing the convenience and flexibility of your banking experience.

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  • Savings Made Simple: Your Neo account includes a Stash account for effortless saving. Easily transfer funds between accounts in an instant.

  • Streamlined Solutions: Say goodbye to long queues at the branch. With Neo, everything is digital. Handle all your banking needs conveniently through the Neo app.

  • Intelligent Finance Management: Let smart algorithms take the wheel and automate your finances for optimal returns. Enjoy peace of mind as your money works smarter for you.

  • Customized Financial Insights: Gain valuable insights into your spending habits and financial trends with personalized reports and recommendations tailored to your needs.

  • Integrated Budgeting Tools: Take control of your finances with built-in budgeting tools that help you track expenses, set savings goals, and stay on top of your financial goals.

  • Enhanced Security Features: Rest easy knowing that your funds are protected by state-of-the-art security measures, including biometric authentication and real-time fraud monitoring.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Access round-the-clock customer support from our team of experts, ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have.

Digital Customer On-boarding
  • Advanced e-KYC: Experience seamless onboarding with our advanced e-KYC process, ensuring efficient verification and compliance.

  • Self e-KYC Option: Empower users with the option to conduct self e-KYC after registration, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

  • Video-Based Onboarding: Elevate the onboarding experience with video banking e-KYC, scheduled conveniently after self e-KYC completion.

  • Automated Data Retrieval: Streamline the onboarding process by automatically fetching customer details from national ID numbers, eliminating manual data entry.

  • Auto Status Updates: Ensure compliance with automatic KYC status changes and user notifications upon document expiry, enhancing regulatory adherence and user awareness.

  • Comprehensive Notification System: Stay informed at every step with our proactive notification system, ensuring that you never miss any important updates or milestones.

  • Seamless Integration: Integrate our platform seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows, facilitating smooth operations and enhanced efficiency.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: Scale your onboarding process effortlessly to accommodate growth and adapt to evolving business needs, while maintaining flexibility to tailor the experience to your requirements.

Think Digital Banking
  • Automated Accounting: Streamline your financial management with automated income and expense categorization, along with the creation of comprehensive bookkeeping reports.

  • Efficient Expense Management: Simplify expense tracking by segregating business and personal expenses, and effortlessly manage team expenses using virtual and expense VISA cards.

  • MIS Reporting: Stay informed with detailed MIS reporting, enabling you to monitor account payables and receivables with ease.

  • Unified Platform for Seamless Banking: Access everything you need in one convenient platform – from account creation to payments via linked wallets, UPI, or NetBanking, and real-time account balance checks – all seamlessly integrated for effortless management.

Trust is the cornerstone of our approach
  • Holistic Financial Management: Consolidate and manage all your existing current accounts effortlessly, accessing comprehensive banking services from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

  • Robust API Integration: Seamlessly incorporate banking functionalities into your business operations through our versatile APIs, enabling efficient collection, payouts, virtual account management, card services, and more.

  • Streamlined Accounting Automation: Simplify your accounting tasks with automated income and expense categorization, along with the generation of detailed bookkeeping reports, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in financial management.

  • Expanded Neo Banking Capabilities: Explore a wider range of opportunities in commerce, payments, and rewards with our innovative Neo Banking solutions, empowering you to unlock new avenues for growth and success.

  • Enhanced Security Measures: Rest assured with advanced security protocols and measures in place to safeguard your financial data and transactions, providing you with peace of mind in your banking endeavors.

  • Dedicated Customer Support: Access personalized assistance and support from our dedicated team of experts, ensuring that your banking experience is smooth, seamless, and tailored to your specific needs.

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