Card Issuing and Settlement

Customized software solutions of various complexities in order to support the cards issuing functions.

Cards Issuing processes include the product management (defining, producing and delivering the card products depending on their characteristics – e.g. debit, credit, pre-paid, virtual), the marketing function on acquiring and retaining customers (campaigns, promotions, segmentation and loyalty programs), the customers management (applications-scoring, account set-up and management and customer service-all channels), the transactions processing (authorization, clearing and settlement, the risk and fraud management, charge backs), the customer billing (monthly statement, pricing policy) and the collections.

Our Solutions
Product management
  • Pin issuing for full cards portfolio (Pin Management System)
  • CVC integration for full cards portfolio
  • Issuing integration of new products
Marketing management
  • Loyalty programs for co-branded (super market chain) credit cards
  • Loyalty programs for co-branded (hospital) credit cards
  • “Cash injection” rewarding for selected clientele
Customer management
  • Consolidation of distinct card files to one Customer file
  • Lost / stolen cards management
  • Emergency cards replacement management
Transactions management
  • Pre-Authorization and Authorization completion matching
  • Reversals handling
  • Close batch transactions reconciliation
  • Missing transactions data entry, approval and integration to clearing
Customer billing
  • Billing statements design and implementation
  • Debt settlement / Debt restructuring for credit cards debt
  • Debt collection companies and law firms update for new debt settlements
  • Collection Letters issuing to MasterCard / Visa