Benefits of SoftPOS for Retail Outlets

Benefits of SoftPOS for Retail Outlets

Feb 18, 2022 - 5 MINS READ

Benefits of SoftPOS for Retail Outlets


Since the beginning of mankind, humans have always used technology to make tasks easier in different aspects of life. When it comes to business payments, four decades ago, payments happened via cash/banks. Cut to the present, digital payment options are ruling the roost. Nowadays, businesses get the payment for product purchases or service charges within minutes. SoftPOS is a new digital technology that is making waves in the business world. This blog will focus on the 3 ways SoftPOS can boost the revenue for retail stores.

Benefits of SoftPOS for Retail Outlets

For a retail store to make a mark and gain loyal customers, three factors assume prominence. They are quality products, economical prices and saving quality time for their employees & customers.

Retail stores wanted a technology that can not only reduce the time spent in queues but also make the payment transactions process easier. Yes, the POS software existed for decades. But, retail store businesses encountered many challenges such as:

  • The traditional POS (Fintech solutions) was expensive and inconvenient to suit their needs.
  • The traditional methods require PIN pads, card readers & technical software to process a payment (credit/debit card).
  • The retail store employees got a sub-standard experience while working on the software.

Compare the same with SoftPOS. This new technology helps retail businesses give a personalized enriching experience. They help the retail stores with frictionless checkouts (devoid of queues) and having to make the payments only at the counter.

3 Ways SoftPOS can boost the Revenue for Retail Stores

Retail stores can create flexible payment options with SoftPOS.

  1. They can achieve this by having their product sale on other spaces of their premises such as parking lots and putting pop-up stalls on the sidewalks. With the SoftPOS option, it will be possible to make payments from within a certain radius. Retail store employees need a device to accept payments. The employees will need no special training to neither to operate the device nor accept payments.
  2. Investment is minimal. The procedure involves having a hardware device that is needed for installing the POS application. This software allows the acceptance of payments.
  3. When needed, there exist easy up-gradation and scalability options for the software.


With the use of SoftPOS in retail stores, the employees can offer quick & easy contactless payments and fast check-out experiences. The Covid-19 virus is causing mayhem with different versions. So, retail stores are hard-pressed to offer contactless payment systems. SoftPOS comes across as a worthy tool that helps expand the digital payment footprint beyond the traditional payment counter. It is only a matter of time before the SoftPOS option gains popularity. Then, the information that will get restricted to the golden pages of technology history is -

  • Long queues at the retail store
  • Insertion of cards
  • Putting the PIN number on the device

Our company has already carved a niche as one of the best SoftPOS service providers in the market. Our team has designed SoftPOS software that has been tested effectively on NFC smartphones. It has boosted the revenue for numerous retail stores. Interested businesses & retail store owners searching for effective, personalized SoftPOS software can send a mail to to discuss their requirements.

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